Joanna's take on the deep freeze

Frozen lettuce transplants from 2016 - don't worry, they lived!

Frozen lettuce transplants from 2016 - don't worry, they lived!

Things you can't control

Hi folks! This is Joanna, one of your other farmers, bringing you my take on the week. Farming involves a lot of attempting to control forces that are ultimately much greater than you - like what your soil is made of, or how much it's going to rain. There are plenty of ways that we mitigate these circumstances, such as adding organic matter (like compost) to our soil, or watering our plants with drip irrigation, but sometimes you just can't be the boss of Mother Nature. This deep freeze is a humbling example of just that! There are things we can do to keep the plants warm, like growing them inside of high tunnels (like unheated greenhouses) or covering them with row cover. Mostly we needed to take action ahead of time like moving all of our winter squash indoors. I'm choosing to embrace the cold because it means that our winter CSA is truly beginning! And I'm so excited to bring you produce year-round.

One other thing that we can't control is email filters! We sent out a direct email yesterday morning encouraging you to check your spam and promotions folders for our emails since they're sent out by Mail Chimp. Make sure to do this so that you get all of our newsletters and ordering reminders!




Black Pepper Beef over Fun Jen mustard greens topped with cilantro

Bryan spent a few years living in China and knows how to make incredible Chinese food! Here he made his take on Black Pepper Beef, which could easily be made with chicken or tofu instead. Here's a link to a recipe that details how to make it yourself. We recommend substituting green peppers for fresh or rehydrated shitake mushrooms. 

And we love eating everything over a bed of greens! We especially like it when it's the tuna tartare at Towson Tavern. Fun Jen is a super sweet and only slightly spicy mustard green that's available this week as part of your CSA. Cilantro's available too! 

Baloo helping with the sweet potato harvest

Baloo helping with the sweet potato harvest

That's all for this week! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the CSA ordering process!

Joanna, Bryan and Nick