no news is good news

Hi, everyone. I hope none of you were too put out by the unusually early snow. We got about 3 inches up here, and with ice on top of that. Maybe it’s helped on by having worked several years for a non-profit on the BCPS snow schedule, maybe it’s a reflection of having spent most of my 20s in the South or abroad, but personally I love a good snow day. They’re great enforced days off to relax by the fire, peruse seed catalogs, and pick up a new book (or one you started back in April…).

Of course, while the snow is lovely, the mud that comes after is an annoyance. It does seem we’ll have some good sun this week to dry us out, though. Really though, this time of year, we subscribe to a “no news is good news” policy. The plants that will serve us from now through March are either in the ground or harvested. No matter what happens weather-wise, so long as the farm looks roughly the same as it did when we come out on the other side, everything moves forward as planned. Very ready for all your Thanksgiving needs. And so on that note, here are some announcements.

IMPORTANT: Pizza Party Time Change!

There is news on the pizza party front, though. Because of the snow, Well Crafted had to reschedule a large event they’re hosting to our pizza party night, Thursday November 29. There’s still room for us, we just need to make it a little earlier. Instead of the originally planned time, we WILL BE THERE FROM 5:30 TO 7:00 PM ON NOVEMBER 29. There will still be special snacks with Good Dog Farm produce, with the best beer and ‘za in Baltimore available for purchase. Come hungry!

Tea Time + Herbs

And since it’s so clearly already curl-up-by-the-fire season, what better way than to embrace the change than with some delicious hot beverages and flavorful soups? This year, our friend and local food and flower maven Shelley White started her own herb farm in lovely Fork, MD (incidentally, right around the literal corner from where Bryan’s dad grew up). Just last month, Hydes Hill Herbs got their final approval through the Health Department to be only the second dried herb farm in the state (Congrats, Shelley!), and we’re very excited to be able to offer her herbs and teas through our CSA. All products are grown using 100% organic practices, the teas are strictly herbal with no additives, and the culinary herbs pack so much more flavor than anything you’ll find outside your own garden. Give it a try, spice up your winter menu, support another beginning farmer, and never look back!

Thanks and have a lovely holiday!

Bryan and Joanna