Melons in the high tunnel are coming along!

Melons in the high tunnel are coming along!


We've been marching along this week, checking things off, and getting the farm looking ship shape! All of the crops are very much appreciating the sun, as are we, in our souls. Bryan finished seeding all of our dry beans and black eyed peas, which is a grand experiment for us (we're calling it the great bean-speriment, go figure.) Bryan can tell you more about this endeavor later, but we're both glad that phase 1: "plant lots of beans" is complete. 

And our super fun summer crops are shaping up, with teeny tiny bell peppers on the plants and little green tomatoes on the vines. We're very excited to see them!!



We've decided that there will be no CSA pick up on July 4th, and we will not reschedule it to another. Please plan accordingly and stock up ahead of time for your holiday grilling!

Also, I (Joanna,) mixed up a couple of things in the boxes this week. Many folks may have gotten white bok choi when they ordered green, and blue collards when they ordered white, vice versa, etc. This was my fault and I apologize! We're still working on perfecting our CSA packing system. We'll make sure to get everything straight this week, and sorry for any confusion.

What We're Eating

Bok Choi Kimchi


We love kimchi in this family, and it's so easy to make yourself! We look to Sandor Katz and his epic book Wild Fermentation as our fermentation text book. His encouraging style of "just go for it!" makes us feel like fermentation is possible, fun, and delicious. Here's his guidance for making kimchi.

Here's a video of Sandor on kimchi.

- Cut and brine bok choi (overnight)
- Add garlic, ginger, scallions and other vegetables as desired
- Mix in chili powder and other seasonings as desired
- Fill jars with kimchi mixture and seal tops
- Release gas from jars after 24 hours, then reseal jars
- Store in a cool place for a few days or weeks

And here's a more specific recipe if you're seeking further guidance.


Sometimes the summer is just a little too much fun (not our diet soda, for the record.) 

Sometimes the summer is just a little too much fun (not our diet soda, for the record.) 

Hope you have a great week!

- Joanna and Bryan