On the Brink

It just keeps snowing!

It just keeps snowing!

On the Brink

Hi everyone! Hope you’re reading this in a cozy, toasty place. The past couple of weeks have tantalized us with springy weather, and then snowed all over our dreams. We’re so close to getting going…but it’s not quite time yet. We have almost everything we need to get started in our possession like seeds and potting mix. We just don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and end up with giant baby plants with no where to put them because the ground is still too wet. As of this week, it’s been officially declared an El Nino Winter/ Spring this year, which leads us to believe it’ll be wetter than average again. This makes us feel gloomy, but can’t fully dampen our spring spirits. It’s about to be both of us full time on the farm, and we’re getting AMPED!!

As we organize ourselves for spring, we have decided that the last week of our winter CSA will be March 6th. We’ve sold out of many of our favorite winter goodies, and we also need to switch to our new web ordering system, Harvie and stop paying for our current service. We’ll extend the early bird sign up discount until March 15th so that folks can still order up through March 6th and then transfer their balance to a summer share. Once you’re ready to transfer your balance, send us an email and we’ll send you your personalized coupon code that will roll over your remaining balance. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Building up a surplus of sleep while we can

Building up a surplus of sleep while we can


Easier Ordering

We’ve switched our CSA website to a new service called Harvie that will make ordering your share much easier! We’re super excited, and guess that you will be too!

Still Customizeable

Instead of picking items each week, you’ll set your produce preferences at the beginning of the season, and receive only your favorites in your box. You can swap items before you receive your box or add extra vegetables for special events or preserving the harvest.

Still Has a Flexible Schedule

Pick up a share either weekly or biweekly. Going on vacation? No problem! Put your share on hold for the week, or reschedule for another pick up. We’re offering two 14-week seasons (June - mid September and mid September - December) this year for added flexibility.

Additional Pick Up Locations

Grab your share from HEX Ferments, Prime Corner in Hampden, Ednor Gardens or Charles Village! Plus, our newest pick up location for our South Baltimore friends: Bar Method in Locust Point!

Payment Plan Available

Pay in full or use a payment plan: 25% down at sign up, 25% the first week of delivery, and then the remaining 50% balance will be divided equally on your weekly pick up schedule.


Sign up before March 15th and receive a 5% discount!

Sign up for both summer and fall shares and receive a 5% discount!

Do both to receive a 10% discount!

Lavishing the salad mix while it’s the start of the season

Lavishing the salad mix while it’s the start of the season

Thanks everyone! We can’t wait to grow for you this summer and fall!

- Joanna & Bryan