Conference season


Good morning, everyone. It is decidedly not wintry today, but we did get some good snow dogs time in last weekend. FYI, we’ll likely only be doing newsletters every other week for a little while, as there’s very little to report with 10F nights on the forecast.

This weekend kicked off our annual mini conference season. Our region has two wonderful sustainable agriculture conferences every year. Friday and Saturday was the Future Harvest - CASA conference in College Park, while the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture will be held in a few weeks in Lancaster. There are trade shows, workshops on everything from effective workforce management strategies to how to bake bread with local flour, and many opportunities to catch up with old friends in the region and make new ones. If you have dreams of starting your own farm or garden, or local food business, it’s a great place to start.


This year Joanna learned about options for diversifying our business with mushrooms, and Bryan taught a workshop on wholesale opportunities for the small farm. CASA also honored Chip Planck, a retired farmer from Loudon County, VA, who, with his wife Susan, is a legend in our region as one of the originals doing and promoting organics in the DC area. Chip is a big reason why Joanna and I are farming together today. After retiring from farming himself, he has helped nurture networks of new farmers in the region, and has served as president of the CASA board, stewarding it’s strategies for sustainable farming education and development for many years. Joanna and I met at a CASA training series, and we’ve learned a great deal of what has made us successful at CASA-led programs. I remember Chip saying before a workshop, that we were all there to learn lots of details about how to plan and sell and be successful, but that the most important part was to have the passion to just go out there and do it, and make it work as you can as you go. That inspiration has stuck with us, and it was really lovely to see Chip honored in this way.

That’s it for us this week. Bundle up this weekend and eat some cabbage! And don’t forget to…


Easier Ordering

We’ve switched our CSA website to a new service called Harvie that will make ordering your share much easier! We’re super excited, and guess that you will be too!

Still Customizeable

Instead of picking items each week, you’ll set your produce preferences at the beginning of the season, and receive only your favorites in your box. You can swap items before you receive your box or add extra vegetables for special events or preserving the harvest.

Still Has a Flexible Schedule

Pick up a share either weekly or biweekly. Going on vacation? No problem! Put your share on hold for the week, or reschedule for another pick up. We’re offering two 14-week seasons (June - mid September and mid September - December) this year for added flexibility.

Additional Pick Up Locations

Grab your share from HEX Ferments, Prime Corner in Hampden, Ednor Gardens or Charles Village!

Payment Plan Available

Pay in full or use a payment plan: 25% down at sign up, 25% the first week of delivery, and then the remaining 50% balance will be divided equally on your weekly pick up schedule.


Sign up before February 28th and receive a 5% discount!

Sign up for both summer and fall shares and receive a 5% discount!

Do both to receive a 10% discount!